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Royal Enfield Himalayan Oil Change

The Royal Enfield Himalayan needs an initial oil change at 300 miles. This service also calls for a check of the valve clearances. Here is how I did my service.

Servicing your motorcycle according to the manufacturer’s specifications is necessary in order to enjoy your motorcycle to its fullest potential. I just completed the initial oil change on my Royal Enfield Himalayan. This was to be done at 300 miles but I went 500+ miles before I could complete this service. Subsequent service is at 3000 miles intervals. Some prefer to do more frequent oil changes even before 300 miles.

On the right side of the engine is the oil drain plug. Take this plug out and allow a few minutes fir the oil to drain out. You can carefully lean the bike toward you to aid the process.

When complete, clean out the copper washer and drain plug, then replace. Tug until snug being careful not to overtighten.

Next, on the left side of the engine, remove three bolts that hold the oil filter cover in place. The longest bolt goes to the bottom.
Some more oil will drain from here too. The new oil filets should come with a housing gasket. Replace the old one even if it doesn’t look used up.

Replace the oil filter with the new one. Cover the housing and take care not to over tighten the housing bolts.

Top the crankcase with fresh oil meeting the specified requirements set out in the manual. The bike should take about 1.7 quarts of oil.

Activate the kill switch. Crank the bike in a series of short bursts lasting less than 2 seconds to get the oil circulating through the engine and filter housing.

Now turn o off the kill switch and start the bike as normal. Let it run for a few seconds. Check the oil with the bike on the center stand.
Oil level should be between the two lines on the sight glass.

Let me know if I left out any important steps.

N/B: I did not remove the metal screen by the oil drain plug to check for debris because on all cases I’ve heard of, no one has found debris there on the first oil change. This is a personal choice and I don’t recommend skipping this verification.

Oil Standard is JASO MA-2, API SL. Ensure the oil you’re using has this designation.

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